Goals and Objectives of Adequate Preparation for Love

I dated a young man shortly before I met my husband. I was quick to see that our relationship with each other didn’t align with the vision I held for my future partnership. I envisioned a bond characterized by friendship, companionship, unity, and shared desires—a vision that this previous relationship lacked. Despite familial pressures urging me toward marriage, I couldn’t envision a future with this individual. Our communication as friends was lacking; how could it flourish in a romantic context? While he expressed intentions of marriage, he never formally proposed. He even mentioned his family’s intention to meet mine without taking the step of proposing to me directly.

There was a particular incident that made me reflect on a principle taught by Jesus—the principle of treasure. He said, “For where your treasure is, your heart will be also.” This principle resonated deeply with me, highlighting that our actions and priorities reflect what we value most. Applying this to my relationship, I realized that the connection I sought was absent.

When I made the decision to end things and informed my mother, she was supportive. Despite completing my master’s degree and the societal pressure to settle down, I refused to settle for someone who didn’t align with my vision for a life partner. I approached the decision with composure, attentiveness, and seriousness, understanding the importance of choosing the right person for me.

In today’s society, I’m troubled by the prevalence of people settling for less in their relationships. It’s disheartening to witness individuals endure abuse or infidelity in their courtships, only to proceed with marriage despite knowing the inevitable consequences. This begs the question: have I placed too much emphasis on finding the right partner?

Simultaneously, I ponder why individuals pursue marriage if they aren’t committed to its longevity. Marriage is a profound commitment that demands preparation and dedication. For those seeking enduring relationships, adequate preparation and guidance are essential.

Recognizing the need for such preparation, I envision a platform dedicated to educating and empowering individuals in their pursuit of fulfilling marriages. This platform aims to:

  • Educate young individuals on marriage expectations, helping them prepare mentally for the journey ahead.
  • Provide guidance on choosing a life partner wisely, equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and discernment.
  • Share insights on the relationship between love and marriage through consistent content on the platform.
  • Offer personal and anecdotal stories to inspire others, highlighting the beauty and rewards of marriage while emphasizing the importance of knowledge and understanding in nurturing relationships.
  • Serve as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to adequately prepare for marriage.

By fostering a community focused on informed decision-making and nurturing relationships, this platform seeks to promote fulfilling and enduring marriages.

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